Over 80% of participating teachers report improving their use of student dialogue and behaviors to better understand student learning.

Teachers working together

Over 90% of teachers report gaining a better understanding of how to develop assessment goals and assessment items.

Find Out What Your Students Understand in ECS

Would you like to build your assessment toolkit?
Do you have questions about how best to assess your students' learning?
Or do you want to share strategies with your colleagues?

We are currently recruiting ECS teachers to participate in a professional development research project. To sign up or for more information:

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Co-designed and co-led by ECS teachers, the TALECS: Finding Out What Students Understand in ECS project helps teachers build their assessment practices to assess students’ understanding without losing sight of the inquiry and equity at the core of ECS.

Develop your assessment toolkit by learning to:

  • Design easy-to-use rubrics for gathering formative data from classroom observations and artifacts;
  • Develop written assessment items and scoring rubrics to capture data on student understanding;
  • Utilize the ECS assessments to inform your instruction;
  • Use portfolios of student work to assess their understanding.

You agree to:

  • Commit to 18 hours of professional development delivered online synchronously and asynchronously over the course of the school year;
  • Join the CS for All Teachers virtual community of practice;
  • Use what you learn by incorporating new assessment practices into your teaching;
  • Participate in a research project.

You will receive an honorarium for your participation.

To sign up or for more information:

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What teachers say about this PD:

“The session refreshed our purpose around equity and inquiry.”
“It is nice to hear other people talk about their class. It is nice to know that I am not alone!”
“It is always worth the time to discuss ECS with teachers.”